Fishing 4 Litter

A project to engage East Yorkshire fishermen to actively work towards cleaner, wildlife rich seas through collection of marine litter.

Fishing 4 Litter Holderness is a fishing industry led project aimed at reducing the amount of litter in the North Sea. By raising awareness of the problems that marine litter causes for the industry we hope to bring about long term change which prevents litter finding its way into the sea in the first place. Through working with fishermen and anglers from coastal towns such as Bridlington, Hornsea, Withernsea and Flamborough we understand that cleaner seas have a significant impact on the quality of marine life and seafood. 

By removing waste from the sea and preventing the discard of further litter, our beaches will become cleaner and safer and the impact on marine wildlife through ingestion, entanglement and contamination will also be reduced. It’s a win for wildlife and a win for those whose livelihoods depend on quality seafood.

Participating fishing vessels are given hard wearing bags to collect marine litter (waste packaging, litter caught in their gear) as part of normal fishing activities. Full bags are deposited on the quayside or at designated points in fishing compounds where they can be emptied into a dedicated bin or skip. The project manages the safe and responsible disposal of the waste once brought ashore, along with the associated costs.