Our business is backed and trusted by a number of organisations including The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (TYWT), the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), the European Fisheries Fund (EFF), and the Holderness Coast Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG). This is mainly due to our ethical goals and targets which are contributing to the sustainability of marine life.

GWS Seafoods key goals are to help enhance the sustainability of marine life along the East coast of England trough careful selection of our produce. Our ethos is quality over quantity therefore fair prices are paid to the fishermen who supply us, as an incentive to ensure only the best quality shellfish is landed. This not only benefits the fishermen and our end users, but helps towards the eventual abolition of shellfish landed which are below the minimum size required by law, the landing of female lobsters carrying eggs (buried hens),  soft shell crab and crab/lobster that have lost limbs and are in the process of regeneration. These are detrimental acts that occur on a regular basis as, prior to GWS Seafoods there was currently no incentives in place to prevent quality over quantity being the norm.

The main factor being the traceability scheme we have in place that enables all shellfish we process to be traced right back to source and by providing key information about fisherman, and details of the boat from which that particular batch was caught including vessel names, types of vessel and locations landed.